Notes 1

If you want to reserve our dogs, you have to paid for one third of the totalfees as advanced deposit. After we confirm your deposit payment, we will provide you detailsabout the reserved dog, meanwhile sign contract with you. Such contract will specifythe time we can provide the dog you reserved.

Notes 2

After you made your choice on dog, we will immediately arrange all necessarydocuments and related procedures. Please be noted that all fees should be received 7 days before the arrival of dog in Hong Kong.

Notes 3

The total fees would include all the documents and procedures charges before the dog arrive in Hong Kong and additional charges. (Such as : quarantine & inspection in both HK and importing country, applications for import, import and export arrangements, transportation between HK and importing country, and, related proving documents, etc.)

Notes 4

We do not recognize nor accept any verbal form of dog reservation.

Notes 5

We will be responsible for flight arrangements for the reserved dog. We will collect the dog upon its / their arrival. You are welcome to accompanyour collection, or come to our academy in-person to collectthe reserved dog in later time.

Notes 6

We will progress basic inspection for your dog upon arrival, checking for basic sickness symptoms and injuries. As long as the dog looks normal on the surface, we will begin the training or deliver the dog to you. Please be noted that we are not professional vet or trained medicalpersonal, our inspectionwould be experiences-based only.

Notes 7

If you would like to reserve a dog from us, you simply need to call through 8202-6130 / 6112-8209 ; or, e-mail us to to reach us. Our designated personnel will follow up your request immediately.

Notes 8

We decided the fee for dogs based on its / their pedigree, importing country and the level of training, usually costing few ten thousands to few hundred thousands.

For more information, call through 8202-6130 or browse website (all notes base on Chinese version)