Nowadays, guard dogs trainers follows mostly the European training methods, to be specific, there are 4 main streams including Belgian Ring Sports, Dutch KNPV, French Ring, and the German Schutzhund (SchH). These training had different characteristics and attributes, different countries’ police dogs units and military dogs units uses these streams as a training references & standard. As our principal had further his studies in Germany for training guard dogs, dogs’ behavior and psychology, also protection training and handler training,etc. ; our school mainly applied German SchH style of training. But to meet different specific needs of customers, we will apply different styles of training, and engages different streams’ advantages to the training. Our professional guard dogs came from European Police Dogs’ families, they can be the solid defense front-line. We had been invited by large luxurious estates to provide professional guard dogs services, for examples, the Sun Hung Kai Properties and the Sino Group.

Report on the 54th (2005) Lowe German Championship

Ring Sport

The Ring Sports originated in Belgium, it is mainly monitored by The Nationaal Verbond der Belgische Kynologen (NVBK). The Ring Program of NVBK are in 3 parts : Obedience, Jumping and Bitework. The Ring Sports games held in the weekends of every March and August. It holds within an area called “THE RING”, categorized into 3 classes : Category III, Category II and Category I. Specifically speaking, Category III is the starter class, Category II is the middle class, and lastly, Category I is the advanced class. There is a sequences for Ring Sports, the first part had to be Obedience, them Jumping, lastly comes the Biting. The dogs’ performances will be evaluated by the agility it can overcome the barriers, stability while facing disturbances, and the ability to judge when to launch attack, etc.


K.N.P.V. is the short term for Royal Dutch Police Dog Association, it is the association to evaluate and  assess the Dutch Police dogs. It is an association under the Dutch government that had established for more than a century. Most of the dogs that past the KNPV test will become Police dogs, Military dogs or Customs dogs serving judicial bodies. The KNPV test holds annually on the dates chosen by the Dutch Police, the test had 5 separate standard titles : PH1、PH2、Objectbewakingshond (guarding), Reddingshond (search and rescue) and Speurhond (tracking). The KNPV is a rather complicated test , making some of test subjects as examples, the dog need to retrieves any thrown items by the trainer immediately; in courage test, the dog need bite and break the cane tick used for attack; nevertheless bite at the legs of targets moving on a bicycle,  and so on.

French Ring

Originated from the France, French Ring is the dogs’ sports games with over 90 years of development, once named International Ring Sport in the 1990s. The North American Ring Association (NARA) in the U.S.A. and the Societe Centrale Canine  (S.C.C.) of France re the official government bodies that monitor the games. There are international participants in the French Ring, and there are various recognized levels : Brevet, Ring 1, Ring 2, and Ring 3, the testing areas involved jumps, obedience, protection, decoy work, attacks and exercises. Further speaking, “Brevet”  is a “entry test” that can only be joint once, after you past this level, you cannot join again. Ring 1, Ring 2, and Ring 3 are progressive testing levels, in Ring 1 and Ring 2, 2 judges will co-evaluate the test, 160/200 scores is the passing rates. Then in Ring 3, 240/300 scores had to be gained from 2 judges to pass the test. Every June, 25 in 2,000 dogs past the French Ring with the highest scores will be invited to the International Championship in France “Coupe de France”, this is a great honor within the dog training sector, competition to get invited are very vigorous. Other popular competitions will be the Championship of NARA and the Canadian Ring Association(CRA).

Schutzhund (SchH)

SchH is the short-term for the German word “Schutzhund”, it means guard dogs or protection dogs. Currently it had developed into an international event  with 3 stages : SchH I , SchH II, SchH III.  It is just as important as the Dogs’ Olympic in Europe. SchH is used to assess and examine the attributes, ability and courage of German Shepherds, after all  those years of development, other energetic dogs like Belgium Malinois , Rottweiler, or the Doberman  are eligible for the games too. The test engaged 3 progress : Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. Each progress  full marks  are 100, every mistakes made would deduct the marks, thus the perfect marks would be 300. In order to achieve the title of “SchH”, dogs had to score over 70 in tracking and obedience, also over 80 in protection.