Belgian Malinois
The Malinois born in Belgium, they are smart dogs with high obedience level, high agility, high learning skills, strong working capability, good reactions and speed. Therefore, this dogs are extensively used as Police dogs, military dogs, and even dogs for special units; they joint Hong Kong Police Force in recent years and replace other breeds in the force too.

Many accidents are reported lately, commenting that Malinois are uncontrollable, nervous and difficult to handle. Since Malinois is very quick in reactions with high agility, it is very essential for them to build good foundations during puppy development. If we simply apply general working dogs training skills on them, they cannot be efficiently trained. So, busy citizens or owners with less experiences are indeed facing difficulties dealing with Malinois, and might not control them effectively.

Our academy import Malinois from Europe and overseas, who had strong pedigree with world championship. We had imported from European nations like Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Germany and Holland; Asian nations like Taiwan, Malaysia and so on. 10 years before when Malinois is not so popular, we already start training this breed; moreover, by exchanging experiences and techniques with the European trainers, we know and understand this breed thoroughly. Besides, we under Malinois’ specific needs on training via many of our importing experiences, which is very different from other working dogs’ trainings. Therefore, we know very well how to deal with Malinois training and their behavioral problems, making our trained Malinois  able to reach the international canine standard.

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German Shepherd
People generally had confusions that dogs with dark-back and brown coated are all shepherds. However, shepherds actually had 2 lines : Show Line that focuses mainly on their shape and body beauties ; and, Working Line that focuses mostly on their working ability, who will be used in Police force or competitions. As our principal further his studies in Germany, and took guard dogs’ training as major, he deeply understands about guard dogs, of cause especially for German Shepherds.

We had imported European shepherds with superior pedigree, after training, they became the reliable guarding front-line that safeguard households. More than that, these dogs brought liveliness to the household they are serving and made owners realize how fun can keeping dogs be. These proved that the German Shepherds are indeed the most stable breed among working dogs.

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