Principal Testimonial
Our Principal, Mr. Lewis Sum, had over 20 years of dogs training experiences. Unlike other regular trainers in Hong Kong, he had followed Mr. Bernhard Flinks, an historically influential trainer to the German Sctuzhunh (SchH), to learn and test for German Dogs’ Training as his first Chinese Students. Lewis also advanced his studies in SchH courses and dogs’ behavior, psychology and courses for protection training and handler training; while in Taiwan, he managed to past as a recognized professional handler of Taiwan TKA and being a member of such assoication. Lewis had became the niche minority that had such professionalism and qualifications in Hong Kong.

Integrating our past experiences and authoritative in dogs training, especially guard dogs training, Lewis was invited to numerous government, public and private groups, chained organizations to share and teach about dogs’ psychology and behaviors by both theory and demonstrations; he can be known as a highly recognized guard dogs training professional within the trade.
Principal Dialogue
Hello everybody, I am Lewis Sum, the principal of Hong Kong K-9 Academy, most of my friend call me Lewis.

I get in touch with German Shepherd in 3 years old time, after that I get in touch with dog training too. I still remember the shepherd that grew up with me named Junnie, I always pretend to lost control of my bicycle and speed up on a great slope screaming "Help!". Every time I did that, Junnie follow me closely and bark at me like saying "I will protect you here", until I stop safely. This worked every single time, and Junnie didn’t seem to treat this as a game at all.

Another occasion was that, Junnie stared at the door and bark at me, want to go out and punish those disturbing dogs outside. But Junnie was not allowed to go out as my grandmother restricted. Still, I secretly told Junnie that she had to be back immediately after one round outside. As long as Junnie dismiss the disturbing dogs, and ran for a round, she immediately returned when I call her back. Such experiences made me realized that relationships was built in repeat training and this amazing bonds are not limited to adults or kids.