1. You can apply our course via below methods, which is very quick, convenien t and simple:
     I. On line application by sending us e mail, or;
     II. Come to our academy in person or ask other to hand in your forms during office hours.
     Our office hours:Our office hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 13:00 & 14:00 18 :00 , expect public

2. You will receive a confirmation e mail upon successful application.

3. Our courses quotas is first come first serve based. As far as we confirm your full payment, your course quota will then be confirmed.

4. Some of our courses depend on the ap plying numbers for opening, and was affected by weather. Our academy reserves the right to postpone, suspend or cancel any courses.

5. All owners must understand that our academy only responsible for tra ining; any sickness, illness symptoms or injuries will not be provided will professional vet/medical knowledge.

6. All owners had to inform our academy about any chronic diseases of their dog (s), and authoriz ed us to get any medical reports for understanding the dog(s) recent conditions.

7. If our academy notices any illness symptoms, we will stop training immediately and inform th e owner to bring the dog(s) away from our academy. If we are unable to contact the owner, we will immediately brig the dog to vet care (undesignated), the vet charges will be payable by the owner.

8. Owners had to be responsible for their own safety and the dog(s) safety. If you consider necessary, you can buy insurance yourself. Our academy will accept no claims whatsoever in connection with any accidents, injuries, loss of valuables, etc.

9. The owner must prepare below items 2 weeks before taking the course:
  • Apply anti-ticks to the dogs
  • Apply Dirofilaria immitis (Heartworm) prevention
  • Check to see if daily diets and toileting remains normal in 2 weeks
  • No chronic diseases of any kind
  • Capable to launch probable training (including vigorous sports)

(Should you have any specific conditions or vetting suggestions, please specify such to us)


Payment notice

1. Those who have completed the registration can pay in the following ways:

    ① Pay by cash or cheque. Cheque payable to: Hong Kong K-9 Academy Limited

    ② Bank deposit or remittance to Hang Seng Account: 762-091015-883

    The training will not start until the full payment are received.

2. Any paid fees will not be refunded.

Course Certificate

1. The certificate course will be issued with a certificate after the students complete with a passing grade.
2. If the certificate is not received within the time limit; or, if the certificate is lost, it will not be retained and reissued. If it is necessary to reissue, the school will charge a certificate production fee.


In case of inclement weather (the typhoon signal No. 8 is hoisted by the observatory, black rainstorm warning), the class will be suspended on that day, and the class will be postponed. The specific arrangement will be notified separately. If the period of dog foster training is extended due to bad weather, the dog owner must be responsible for all costs of the extension.

For more details or the latest information, you can call 8202-6130 Or browse our website www.hkk9.com (The above provisions are in Chinese)