Starting from the 90s, our academy had over 20 years rich experiences of training and nurturing canines(K-9, working dogs). We constantly import K-9 with superior pedigree, while devoted to improve and nurture local-breed K-9s. Our academy is the minority in using European training techniques and drives motivating methods to train, dogs are able to demonstrate better training results. Not only do we provide professional training courses, we are also invited as training courses consultant and provide professional training opinions for local government authorities, large-scale organizations, groups and celebrities. We are the authority in training within Hong Kong who can provide professional narcotic search and explosives search as well.

Locating at Clear Water Bay Road near MTR Po Lum Station, we are highly accessible, with car parks for driving people. Around 30,000 square feet of academy is well-facilitated with massive grassland, comfortable natural surroundings and beautiful scenery, dogs here are just like having a vacations. The professional European techniques we used , and the rich experiences of our principle, can definitely generate an ideal results for students together with our professional field.

When our principal pursed further studies in Germany, he gained much inspirations and realizations through such valuable experiences.  These, marked our clear goals and missions, pushing us to continue break-through dog-human relationship and training technical levels.

Goals: Our principal was deeply moved by the Germans’ firm and persistent attitude, for example they won’t stop any training because of sudden weather changes, the straight discipline and high team-spirit performed during examinations, the serious straight training before the trails, also the sincere value of competitions results. Our principal aims at bringing the techniques together with such attitudes to Hong Kong, demonstrate such in our training, thus to enhance dog-human relationship, and constantly brings break-through to the training peaks.

Mission: A set of professional training courses can assist dogs to emerge in humans’ life as part of the family, making life to affect another life, which dogs and human are able to relay on each other. The above is what our trainers are looking for.