Search dogs that are trained by us gone through over 6 months and more than 500 hours of straight training, they had high-end ability o accurately locate popular drugs in Hong Kong. In narcotics search, dog search is the most efficient and most accurate. Our professional search dogs can work steadily under dim, cramped and narrow environment, or under music or other disturbances ; while carry out the search constantly without missing any details. In the past few years, we had been serving the large bars and pubs in Lan Kwai Fong with satisfactions. In additions, we had served schools, clubhouse, outdoor party venues, grass land etc. with our professional narcotics search dogs.
Where can search dogs serve:
  • Bars & pubs
  • Karaoke
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • High-class Clubhouse
  • Large-scale banquet , pool-side party, cocktail party
  • indoor & outdoor party venue, etc.
Available breed for search:Malinois & German Shepherd (Working Line)
Our well-trained K-9 are experienced search dogs for pubs & bars, we are the minority that is capable to launch efficient narcotics dogs search services.

If you need  our dogs search services, please inform us at least 2 weeks  before the service date. Service charge will be based on total services hours, service dates (holidays , public holidays). Please feel free to call anytime for further details.