Locating at Clear Water Bay Road near MTR Po Lum Station, we are highly accessible, with car parks for driving people. Around 30,000 square feet of academy is well-facilitated with massive grassland, comfortable natural surroundings and beautiful scenery, dogs here are just like having a vacations.  The professional European techniques we used , and the rich experiences of our principle, can definitely generate an ideal results for students together with our professional field.

Our academy was well- covered with massive real grass fields, the dogs can enjoy adequate sports area and comfortably work our different training and exercises. Our swimming pools and other areas are restricted with “one dog, one people”, this can ensure safety from infections, fighting or other possible chance for wounds. Added to this, our school sets 5 gates to the vehicles roads, so to lower the chance of losing dogs. Equipped with adequate alarm systems, dogs owners can foster their dogs without worries.

Locating near Wilson Trail, we enjoys beautiful scenery and clear air, dogs can comfortably and safely engage in any sorts of sports or trainings.

Training Area
All covered in real grass, dogs can enjoys adequate sporting area in massive and comfortable natural environment, such outdoor environment can let the dogs to expose under sunshine that allows absorbing of Vitamin D, that prevent skeleton problems and facilitate muscular growth.

Training Facility
Our complete facilities include high and low jumping board, A-leader and so  on, not only did these able to increase the dogs’ agility, these allow good protection training and prepare dogs for different sports competition as well as  various recognized qualification examinations.

Dynamic Pool
We have totally 3 dynamic pools, which are suitable for all sizes of dogs. During their usage, we had one-to-one services that assist the dog to swim, you don’t have to worry any possible problems caused by dogs social troubles like fighting and injuries.  Dog s are absolutely safe and confortable here.