We had provided reliable and professional training services that were tailor-made for customers’ specific needs. No matter on training dogs or training canines, or even looking for the suitable K-9, we serve with top standards that earn trusts and fames. Among these customers, we have been serving the government and Occupation Safety and Health Council, also large-scale private groups from 2006 till now, having over 8 years of prestigious services.

Honorable Clients
Our well-trained professional working dogs, like guard dogs, narcotic search dogs, and explosives search dogs, are trust-worthy for the traders. For many years, our professional guard dogs had been providing solid and strong defense front-line for celebrities’ household. Besides, bars chains invited us to launch narcotics search in their stores. As for our professional explosive search dogs, we had been assigned twice by the cruise “Amsterdam” of Wilhelmsen Ship Service Limited to launch explosives detection for every boarding items and cargos. Starting form year 2013, we have been serving mega bars at Lan Kwai Fong such as Magnum and the China Bar with professional narcotics detection services, we look for drugs or illegal items with extremely high efficiency and accuracy. This set the model for other bars and alarmed the industry.

Students' Comments
All students finished training here with satisfactions, and have a happy life with their dogs afterwards. Nowadays, many owners would be forced to give up their dogs after several training failures and disappointments because of single-direction training and unsuitable training methods. In our academy, what we do is pin-pointing training that really helps the dogs. Even in-depth problems can be tackled through our specially-made training plans, applying European training concepts and integrating different training methods.