Dogs are used to be called as “best friends of human ”, from the closely get-along with dogs we can relieve the heavy pressures; children can learn to respect life, enhance their responsibility, while live with other animals in harmony. By the long history of development till now, there are over hundred of dog breeds, who had different characters and attributes: big dogs are able to do sports with you, and small dogs can stay with families, there is always the dog that suits your desires and life style.
We will import dogs according to customers’ wishes from aboard, and the dogs are vaccinated before arriving Hong Kong; when they are here, we be manage the basic checks for them, and hand them over to customers in healthy conditions. Both health and pedigree are guaranteed. These not only prevent possible finance burdens from illness of puppies, we can avoid a sad memory brought to the family. Previously, we had matched customers with desired dogs, and the enjoy life with dogs so much, have a better life quality together. Spending time with pet dogs encourage you to do exercises without excuses, making your life even healthier.
If you are interested in having a pet dog, please contact us with details of your desired dogs (e.g. breed and other details).  Our designated staff will follow-up immediately.