Training facility

Complete training facilities, including high and low springboards, A-shaped
ladder and so on.

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Campus Environment

Keep dogs safe and comfortable
Carry out different types of
Training, sports

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Explosive Search Dog Service

With a sensitive sense of smell,
Can accurately and quickly
search the office looking for
the source of flavor.

Dog supply

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The goods ordered by
our school directly
entrance from foreign countries.
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Training facility

All types of dogs can be used
One-to-one dedicated service
Assist dogs to use the pool

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“Canine”(K-9) is the worldwide recognized name for all dogs that gone through working dogs training, or the dogs that are now being trained as working dogs. Today, we train with these standards and was named HONG KONG K-9 ACADEMY LTD. All courses and training utensils in HONG KONG K-9 ACADEMY (HKK9) are well-arranged and designed by our principal, Mr. Lewis Sum.

Training courses and games are all related to European training courses, so that the dogs can learn just as in Europe. We have around 3,0000 square-feet of teaching venue accompanying full set of facilities, includes barriers facilities, training field and puppies training field, clubhouse (where you can watch our videos), resting area, BBQ zones and privately-owned car park. All filed are well-covered with grass, which is very comfortable and clean for dogs. We use British 5 layers of porcelain enamel filter for drinking water ensuring dogs’ safety. The different sizes swimming pools can provide suitable aquatic exercises for dogs with skeleton problems. We will constantly improve and expand our facilities, constructing and importing more new training techniques and games, so to allow more devoted and enjoyable training for your dogs.

Dog Training

Puppy Development Course

Puppy Development Course

Theory of training and explaining, people understand how to communicate with their dogs. Including: the dog's thinking method; correct training concept.
Behavioral Control Courses

Behavioral Control Courses

Correction for dogs with various behavior problems, so that the dog can only reintegrate into human life. It can be permanently improved with remarkable effect.

Training People

Professional dog handler

Professional dog handler

Students can understand dogs that guide different dog breeds, and flexibly integrate different training methods and skills in different dogs.
Professional dog handler certificate course

Professional dog handler certificate course

Must complete the entry certificate course for the dog lead, and have a basic understanding of the work of the dog lead and the concept of dog training. Application and precautions of dog lead tools.
2018 May
Hong Kong 01 online newspaper reported that the postman sent letters to the countryside for an average of ten dog bites a year.
2017 November
Underwent micro-deflation test on the spot on Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Day 2017.
Hong Kong K-9 Academy Ltd Introduction
Make your dog study and live correctly and feel like being in a class at a European college.
2008 March
Interview with TVB program 'Infolink' to explain the dog training and the points to be paid attention.