Dogs’ olfaction is 50 times better than human approximately, by such strong gifts, they can accurately locate scents so quickly. Professional search dogs had to undergo more than 500 hours, 6 months of trainings, and the professional training plan structured by our principal. Then, they had to past harsh tests in different environment, they will all be stable and capable after training, being able to carry out important tasks. Our scents for training  search dogs are the designated scents for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration set up after 9-11 incident, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), such high and straight standard of professionalism is very rare in Hong Kong. K-9 finished training with us are able to accurately locate various kinds of explosives with high efficiency. Our academy is the minority in Hong Kong who are capable in providing professional explosives dogs search, and was assigned by international cruise “Amsterdam ” for such service.
Where can search dog serve:
  • Mega Shopping Malls
  • International Exhibitions, conferences, meetings or banquets
  • Indoor & Outdoor party venues, all sorts of events
Available breed for search: Malinois & German Shepherd (Working Line)
Our trained K-9 had rich experiences in serving large parties, and was invited to search explosives for international cruises. We are definitely the professional one in Hong Kong for quality services.

If you need our explosives search dogs, please inform us at least 2 weeks  before the service date. Service charge will be based on total services hours, service dates (holidays , public holidays). Please feel free to call anytime for further details.